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It’s rumored there are folks with an ability to connect to the other side. An ability sought after for centuries by holy men to battle evil, and vice versa. (This is what they believed, anyway.) These alchemists understood the way to bring out this talent, was through special spirits. Truth is, all their efforts ever produced was failure. Instead, they simply created many of the spirit varietals we know today.

Priests tried to tie this ability to lineage, race, and many other factors, without success. Identifying or locating it was extremely difficult. It supposedly doesn’t manifest until adulthood and varies in the age it first emerges. Priests followed local tales and hearsay to locate individuals demonstrating telltale traits. Once identified, experiments would begin. 

These subjects failed to live long lives. In fact, most with this ability die of causes ranging from liver failure to mental breakdowns. Such power was difficult to understand, much less control. Priests kept little to no records of these experiments. Most subjects died believing they were insane, cursed, or possessed.

Attempts to harness it were mostly forgotten to old world stories. Few remnants of these traditions remain, left to folks calling themselves Psychics or Mediums. Most, just feigning the notion for coin. 

"Whiskey Gives Me Powers"

The Disputed Territory is no place for the weak. This story begins in 1841, and follows a group of outlaws. You soon realize this isn’t a traditional old west tale. Jack starts to uncover haunting truths about himself and the power of whiskey, and the other spirits of the world. We aren’t all that different, you and I… except whiskey gives me powers.

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