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At first blush, Carmen is a gullible young bar maid. The frontier is not built for little women, but she is not any ordinary little lady...


The Disputed Gang was a notorious group of outlaws who made their way across the frontier in the mid-1800s. They spent a great deal of their time in what was called "The Disputed Territory", a region where multiple countries staked claim--including Texas.

These five men, and other known associates, left a lasting impression on those they encountered. Each had a strong personality. While the gang had no official leader, Jack instigated their unofficial formation around 1845. Jack is a soul shrouded in ambiguity, walking a fine line between his past deeds and unknown abilities, in a quest for self-discovery amidst the turbulence of his existence.

The gang often reflected this nature. Loyal, with a conflicted morality.


Jack doesn't fully understand his rare chemistry, sought after for centuries by holy men to battle evil. Jack’s abilities allow supernatural elements to come through. This reaction is extremely rare. Those afflicted are termed, Conduceres.

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