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Chang Lip Wei

Lip Wei has brought his immense talents to our Manga Americana version of the books as the primary interior artist.


Harsho Mohan Chattoraj

Harsho is the flashback interior artist for the series. He lives in Eastern India, and produces beautiful line art for this, and many other books.



Pencils and inks for a number of indie comics. Mede is the primary interior artist for the gritty interior work in The Disputed Territory.


Alan Quah

Alan Quah is an artist from Malaysia who has illustrated both interiors and covers, with a resume of work for Marvel, DC Comics, Dynamite, Boom! Studios,Titan Comics, Dark Horse, IDW, Valiant, Zenescope and Image. Alan has worked on multiple covers for this project.


Carla Cohen

Carla Cohen is a French illustrator based in Italy and specialises in painting with oils on canvas and board. She has a passion for creating realistic portraits for clients with a very careful eye on details and layered textures to evoke an emotional response. (Book 2 cover)


Jay Ferguson

Painting has always been an escape from reality for Jay. The passion for darker artwork turned into an obsession. That temporary escape soon became a necessity of life, a way to pour his heart and soul onto canvas. Jay created an incredible exclusive and hopefully more for our project.


David Sanchez

David is an illustrator from Texas, specializing in photo-realistic charcoals. David is responsible for the epic charcoal cover of book one. David has worked on a number of hit comics across the comic universe.


Kael Ngu

Kael Ngu is an illustrator from Malaysia. His diverse traditional art style is a process of inks and copics and he also digitally paints his own published work. He creates many original arts for various professional clients as well as private collectors from all over the world. Proud to have him on and exclusive cover.


DJ Hall

USAF vet, husband, and father to two daughters. A CCP artist, specializing in color pencils, while exploring different mediums. DJ will be creating a number of pieces for the Disputed project, including a variant cover.



Austin James

Hartford native, multi-instrumentalist, and recording artist, Austin James, blends the worlds of folk, soul, and rock to create a completely original genre-bending sound. He brings his talents to The Disputed Territory with some epic original scores.



Michael Hinson

Creator and colorist for The Disputed Territory. Has a passion for the creative process, whether in his own work or bringing others together for incredible co-creation. This project is all about following your passion and inspiring others along the way.

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