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Exclusives Pricing and Agreement

250 Standard


500 Standard


200+50 Embellished


450+50 Embellished


130+120 Embellished


380+120 Embellished


This is a written confirmation between the publisher and retailer to have the below exclusive variant comic set up and distributed by The H Co., LLC (HCo). The data provided is considered ‘final sale quantity’ and will be used for shipping and billing purposes once approved by all parties.

This agreement covers the production of a retailer exclusive comic. This agreement DOES NOT give the retailer the right to create any ancillary products using the HCo or Disputed Territory (DT) brand or logo, the creators names and likenesses, or the names and likenesses from their comic series. The production of any unauthorized prints, editions of the comic or anything that implies an unauthorized connection to the comic series will result in an end to any future possible exclusive agreements between HCo and the retailer.

Please provide the following information upon application for an HCo exclusive cover. The information will be used for HCo to invoice you and so the information can be reviewed by HCo Services.

HCo uses 60# cover stock and 60# text as our standard. Quantity requested is the quantity you will receive. We source our printer and select quality materials to ensure the best possible finished product. Damages or shortages will be credited or replaced at the discretion of HCo, and must be reported ASAP. Please be advised that we are entering into agreement to provide a comic fit for sale through a comic shop. There is no guarantee that the comics received should register at any specific professional grading level. Minor blemishes or imperfections are possible and not the responsibility of HCo or the creators to correct or replace against. However, we will work to provide you with the best quality product.

Embellished product is printed on either clear plastic or SBS card stock of 12 point thickness. We use spot varnish and foil, and offer soft touch finish on this product line. Please provide details to HCo to accomodate requests. Additional art fees may apply.

Art should be provided digitally at a minimum of 300 DPI. Please provide a link to download the artwork. Link should be emailed to

Be Advised. Retailer is responsible for paying the production/coordination and plate change fee prior to FOC date.

Production & Coordination & plate change fee is $300.

Payment for these fees will be required in advance via PayPal or Invoice. We do not accept checks.

Please note the data provided by the publisher in the signed agreement will be considered “final sale quantity” and used for shipping and billing purposes. This agreement also serves as a written contract between the publisher and retailer for the requested exclusive.

Payment is due in full prior to delivery. An invoice will be sent to the email provided in the form.

Exclusive Order Form

Retailer Agreement

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Embellished Covers

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