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The Disputed Episode 2 Yak Rain box set. These are produced with a spot varnish rain finish. They come in a limited-edition custom ComicShield box with a matching spot gloss card. These can be signed by the creator, Michael Hinson, and submitted to CGC. Cards can be signed and submitted to Verified Grade.


The American Manga Edition of The Disputed #2 features interior inks by Lip Wei Chang with some additional panels from the original version by Jarod Oberle and Michael Hinson. Written by Michael Hinson. Interior colors by Michael Hinson. Editing by Anessa Alvarado, Buffy Hinson, and John Goetz. Printed in Texas.


Covers by Stan Yak. Created by Michael Hinson and Lip Wei Chang.Rated M for Mature.

The Disputed: Episode 2: Yak Rain

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